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Is it really POSSIBLE for my business to achieve high performance, accelerated growth, full team engagement and for me to build a life of impact, fun and freedom?


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​​OCTOBER 25th 2018 
7:00PM London Timezone 

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​​Does this apply to you?​​

Does it frustrate you that your business never seems to generate
the rewards you really want…as easily as you would like?

Do you feel like you’ve got stuck and don’t know how
to break through to the next level?

If you're like most forward thinking entrepreneurs, you want more …

more sales

more profits

more productivity from your people 

more clarity about what’s really possible 

more confidence about how to make it come to life

more personal satisfaction and fulfilment from creating something with impact
more energy and time for the things and people that matter in your life 

And yet, you probably find yourself working harder just to keep your head above water... wondering what happened to that dream you started out with.

Unfortunately, many end up believing they just don't have what it takes to achieve the kind of success that others seem to unlock so easily.

The lack of progress can lead to inertia and ultimately failure.
Not just of your business but also your heath and wellbeing.

Feeling resentful, stuck or disillusioned is no fun and definitely not a good place to find the energy and fresh thinking you need for a breakthrough. .

It doesn't have to be that way!!

Maybe, for you it’s actually going ok. You feel like you’re doing pretty well, yet you know there has to be more than what you’re currently seeing for the hours you give to your business. You’re just not clear how to make it happen.

Perhaps, like me, you aspire to something even greater; the possibility that we might re-imagine what business is really for and be able to create more companies where people feel inspired and fully engaged in making a difference…just by the extraordinary way they do their seemingly ordinary work.
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​​ ​​Why we all need an upgrade​​
About 100 years ago…the great Albert Einstein warned us
that our level of thinking and mental models that created the challenges we see today are not good enough to help us move beyond them.

It wasn’t just an opinion.

It’s a truth that can be seen played out
in every stage of human development through the ages.

What Albert was saying is that our capacity to imagine new ways of understanding and being and organising things is impossible using the mental frameworks and quality of thinking that we had when we established the systems that got us this far.

The increased complexity demands that we expand
our mental horizons and the quality of thinking.

The world we see as reality is actually being created
every moment of every day by the way we choose to think.

Most of the time we are on auto-pilot and we just don’t notice the challenges until eventually the ideas we built everything on reveal their limitations and we are forced to ask brave new questions and seek new levels of insight.

The once hidden inevitabilities of our systems reach a point
where we have to re-discover what matters, re-imagine what’s possible, re-invent who we are, re-organise the way we work, or just give up and retire.

That’s where we are right now.

The pace of change has gone exponential but most thinking is still linear.

Most of us were formatted for a different reality
​and are not sure how to adapt for the brave new world.

The overwhelming complexity (not just the technology) can seem like it's beyond our orbit of understanding and the explosive competition means we cannot stand still.

Leaders and organisations are expected to achieve more than ever before with the same or less, while also working out how to disrupt themselves before someone else does. It’s a ‘big ask’ for most conventionally organised companies where 70% of the team is more or less disengaged.

The temptation is to believe that new information, skills and ideas can simplify the challenge into one golden rule that fixes everything.

As the great Albert also warned
“everything should be made as simple as possible...but no simpler”.

Truly simplifying the complexity is about seeing the big picture more clearly; understanding what's in play, why it all matters and how it's all connected. We have to upgrade the quality of our thinking and mental models if we are going to successfully navigate this next phase of human and economic evolution. . 

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​​ ​​Most won't make it.
​You can if you really want to

Unfortunately, most will stick with what they think they know....totally oblivious to the way their brain is letting them down. Ignorant of the psychological trap of ‘confirmation bias’ they will frantically search for answers to the wrong questions. Like; How do I get more out of my people?

They will project their internal challenges onto circumstances outside of themselves - looking for ways to re-arrange the external structures or bend their people to give more.

They will try to ‘acquire’ high performance talent - while maintaining the mental model of a top down command and control organisation.

Some will adopt agile approaches to innovation believing this new methodology somehow makes everything better.

Others will bump into articles about the importance of vision and purpose but they will unwittingly intellectualise purpose instead of internalising it and they will confuse vision with targets. They will try to do culture change by instruction rather than example. Anything that makes it feel like they are trying their best but it just won’t be enough and it won’t make a difference.

Their inability to disrupt and evolve themselves is the thing that holds them back.

The world has shifted on its axis, throwing conventional wisdom off balance and many organisations off course because the challenges are huge and multi-dimensional.

Linear thinking was so much simpler.

Whether you call it the 4th industrial revolution or V.U.C.A. times,
we need to up our game….and fast.

To thrive in the brave new world doesn’t just require new information and skills. It requires a radically different approach from the way we were all formatted to see things. We need to transform ourselves from the inside out!!

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​​The Good News !!

That’s why I have spent 10 years uncovering the ultimate difference between those who inevitably settle for more-of-the-same and those who can achieve extraordinary momentum.

It might surprise you to learn that it has very little to do with intelligence or natural ability or luck or tactics or digital acumen and everything to do with your mindset.

It doesn’t matter how many skills you acquire, if you don’t master your thinking you have very little influence over what happens next.

Einstein was right.... 

The kind of simplicity we need is not some super-charged hack but a coherent way of seeing the whole picture in all its revealed dimensions so we can know with absolute confidence where to focus our attention and how to make the changes that build the life and company we really want.

Whether you aspire to a big hairy audacious moonshot or you’re just tired of getting more of the same every year, the idea is very straightforward....

...your mindset determines your destiny

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In this Masterclass 
I'm going to show you... 

• Why plug & play solutions from outside of your business
are so often a complete waste of time and resources

• Why your mindset is the penultimate factor that determines your success.

• Why mindset is about so much more than a positive attitude – and why your mental models, built up with billions of neural pathways, predetermine your ability to make good decisions, create wealth and build the life you really want - and why many of our unexamined models no longer hold true today.

• How all the so-called secrets-to-success distil down to 6 truths / realities that will help you can re-cognise (re-map) what’s really going on, what’s missing from your picture, how to overcome your hidden internal and external barriers, what needs to change to re-ignite your natural creativity and the practical steps you can take to unlock your greatest possibility.

This 6Omins could transform your future.
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This may not be for you....

If you're looking for quick fixes and instant results  and you hope the information alone will change everything, this is not for you. 

If you like to attend seminars and workshops and come away with loads of notes but change nothing because it's easier to stay in your comfort zone, don't waste your time.

If you would like to elevate your leadership capability to a higher plain of business thinking (that is fast becoming the minimum standard for success going forwards), AND you would like to discover new mental models that can unlock your next powerful strategies, AND you appreciate practical guidance and support from
​proven business strategy and leadership experts...

...this is designed with you in mind!