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It's time to raise your game and generate momentum
Learn to create more of everything in your life & business
​rather than ​settling for more of the same.

Your level of success is up to you!

Join like minded entrepreneurs
in our unique mastermind community.

Make faster progress in the next 12 months
than you ever thought possible.​

A Systematic Approach
This is not just some theoretical mumbo jumbo.

It's a systematic way of accelerating progress,
grounded in the truth of what it takes to generate momentum. 

We will help take your most important next steps at the same time as
equiping you to be the best leader you can be.

You will surprise yourself when you see what's possible.

​​ Instant Breakthrough

Our unique approach
brings together ten years of simplifying the complex challenges
that hold back people and companies so you can learn to soar like an eagle.

Within the very first session
you will develop a higher quality of understanding 
and clarity about the path you need to take to achieve alignment
​in every area of your company.
Practical, Focused & Action Oriented

Beyond the profoundly transformative insights that we will share with you, 
we get very practical indeed.
Where most other approaches take a lot of time and effort and leave you lost in the woods staring at the trees, holding a bunch of templates, we help you build a solid foundation of your personal vision and aspirations and leadership capability.
The system come with a highly practical  toolkit of breakthrough initiatives that have been proven with more than 100 SME business leaders to focus your precious time and energy and resources on the changes that really make a massive difference to your business.
Apply them well and and in the right order
and you are guaranteed to fly.

Become Unstoppable

Typical results include:

- up to 30% business performance improvement,

- a credible business growth plan based you can execute great confidence

- and most powerful of all, a way to engage and mobilise your team
to give their very best creativity and productivity in building the company.

You will literally become unstoppable.

Why it's essential

 FACT   The biggest threat to your long term success is YOU. 

Your brain only sees what it has been programmed to look for. 

It's an energy saving feature and it acts like an auto-pilot.

The problem is that it will also hold you back
because the thinking, skills and mental maps that got you this far
will not be enough to propel you forwards. 

You've probably heard it said.....
.....if you keep doing what you've always done
you'll keep getting the same results. More of the same. 

It's more tricky than that.

If you keep seeing it the way you have always seen it,
you will keep thinking about it the way you have always thought about it.
So you'll keep doing it the same way....even when you are using new tools.
The rest you can work's more of the same but different

   Reactive learning no longer works.  Simply downloading new information & tools to fix today's issues is not enough. 

 You absolutely must be intentional and committed 
 to expanding your leadership capabilities 
 if you don't want to get left behind. ​

 Put yourself in an environment where your assumptions are challenged and your eyes are opened to discover new ideas and possibilities you would never have looked for.

Plug in to a community that has your success as its purpose,
​the experience and wisdom to help you see further through the fog
and the know-how to help you go there.
It's absolutely vital for achieving whatever it is you are here to create. 

 It's time to surround yourself with eagles 
 and leave the chickens behind 

This community for those who want to be in the 20% that learn how to fly. 
It's for those who are ready to work on themselves in order to be able to work on their business and effectively lead their team to become all that they can be and create extraordinary success.​


Time Commitment

The first Monday of the month from 4:30pm - 8:30pm
A light meal is included and the session is in two parts. 

Part One - Leadership Development and a systematic approach over 10 months
using strategic toolkit that is proven to help you get momentum in your business.

Part Two - A round table group coaching session to tackle your current challenges​.
One community with 3 levels of practical support
to guarantee personal and business breakthroughs

Bronze Package

10 HALF DAY MOMENTUM WORKSHOPS  -  16:30pm to 21:00 incl food  
Systematically & strategically working on your business.

WEEKLY SKYPE FOLLOW UP  scheduled 1hr call​ to guide you through the HOW TO.

AD HOC SUPPORT  availability as a sounding board via email and phone for general advice

£375 + vat pm
Gold Package   (save £1,500 over a year)

All of the above...PLUS

     because knowing what to do is not the same as knowing how to do it well

£795 + vat pm
Platinum Package   (save £5,000 over a year)

All of the above...PLUS.....20 days hands on support on the key breakthrough projects
​from one of our Part Time Directors of Business Momentum

    & STRATEGIC PLANNING all included

    Marketing & Lead Generation Audit, Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis,
    Customer Profiling based on your business intel, Business & Financial Modelling,
​    3 Year Strategic Roadmap & One Page 90 Day Plan

+ 3 DESIGN WORKSHOPS with your team included
    Choose from: Product & Brand Positioning, Marketing System & Campaign Design,
    Customer Journey Mapping & Team Alignment, 3 Year Growth Mapping

£1,975 + vat pm
NOTE: All the Platinum hands-on support can be bought separately on a project basis.

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