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2 Powerful Initiatives to get your team 
aligned & fully engaged with your vision, mission and purpose


This workshop uses a number of tools to help the team elevate their thinking beyond their day-to-day roles and responsibilities to see the big picture.

It literally gets the team on the same page taking ownership of the purpose, vision and values. Mapping the customer journey is powerful way to transform their thinking from employee to collaborator.

The instant results include increased engagement, productivity, creativity, innovation and, therefore, faster progress.

We have selected Engagement Multiplier as our strategic partner because they understand that engagement is not a result of success, its a driver of success for those who are brave enough to get real with their team.

EM turns staff surveys from an annual event into a dynamic but anonymised conversation every 90 days and it only takes 10mins.

It creates new levels of trust and cooperation that are essential for unlocking the teams best efforts and ideas.  It not only gives bottom-up insights into what leadership & management need to focus on but encourages the team to commit to what they can do to improve things. 

Most companies see significant improvement in engagement within 3 quarters and that leads to all sorts of other improvements. The scope can be extended from internal to include customers and suppliers. 

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