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 The power is not in the plan,  it's in the process. 
Am I building the right business? Am I building it in the right way? Do I have a compelling vision and purpose beyond making money? Do I have a credible gameplan? Is it written down? Is it based on real-world data. Do my team understand it and are they fully engaged in helping me achieve it? Is it driving my business forward? Is it a business that I feel proud of? Is it giving me the rewards and freedoms that I want for my life and
​can I successfully exit when I want to?​ 
 If the answer to any of these is "no / don't know"... 
it's time to step back and review the situation because....

...there's probably 100 things shouting to get your attention
within the everyday whirlwind of ideas and operational challenges 
but the BEST NEXT STEP comes down to only 1 or 2 things
that can produce the progress you really want.  


Leaders who work with a strategic business mentor are  4X   more likely to achieve their vision and purpose. 

People with a credible strategic plan are  2.5X  more likely
​to succeed and up to 30% faster.

The real secret.....

 It's not the document that makes the difference.
 It's the diagnostic, creative, business design process. 

​​Get your strategy onto a single page
By the end of this process you will reconnect with your vision and purpose in a powerful new way. You have a  very clear sense of direction, renewed energy, greater confidence and the practical next steps that you can implement straight away. 

It's the kind of framework used by tens of thousands of successful companies world wide because it keeps the team focused, avoids guess work and drives faster growth and business improvement worth many times the investment. ​
Who is this for?

It's for startup entrepreneurs who want to avoid being a statistic,
executive leadership teams looking for clarity and alignment,
SME business owners who want faster progress