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The game-changing strategy day
for business leaders and their teams
who want to achieve momentum.

Regular Dates
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 Central London
It's an interactive 
boardroom style workshop
where you get to instantly apply this ground breaking wisdom to your real world challenges.
This is a regular event but dont procrastinate. This is a powerful step that will help you transform your company into all that you want it to be.
We are pleased to be hosted
 near Liverpool Street Station
in central London.

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Your momentum starts here
Discover a new level of freedom & joy in your business.
which is not dependent on what's going on right now.

It comes from seeing clearly what is possible when you reconnect all the pieces of the puzzle ​that every business is made from. We are going to show you how to unlock your potential step by step.

 The process is introspective, diagnostic, and clarifying all at the same time. We have seen it quite literally open people's mind to what is possible and what can be achieved when all aspects of self and business are aligned.

​What makes this so powerful is that it combines advanced 4D business thinking with a creative & strategic process plus the practical know-how so that you come away with clarity and confidence to take massive action.

​​Our unique frameworks will get you thinking quite differently about how you approach what needs to happen to achieve your goals.

If you can internalise and implement what we show you,
we guarantee that you will make faster progress in the next 90 days
than the previous 12 months.

​​Why this matters

Because we're all in the transformation business now

For a long time it was ok to believe that business is linear, incremental and mostly about the management of predictable activity and functions where technical experts just do what they do best and it all comes together

For more than a decade now, there has been a deepening realisation that business is entering a new phase of evolution where that one-dimensional management thinking is no longer good enough to create the conditions for success going forwards.

The information overload, disruptive competition, alternative business models, performance pressures, digitisation and team engagement challenges have created the perfect storm where the rules for success have changed.

​In this uncharted VUCA territory (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) the future belongs to those who are ready to upgrade to advanced business thinking & leading, intentionally cultivating an ability to engineer ​the conditions for success and systematically building every piece of the puzzle.​
​​​What will you choose to do?

Whatever is going on for you and your business right now, if you aspire to achieve more and are committed to break through your barriers to create the company you truly desire...this workshop will give you the step-by-step approach to transform your business from the inside out and provide the tools you need to achieve your goals more rapidly than you ever thought possible.
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​​1. Understand the conditions ​for creating momentum and re-examine your business through our 4D Business Map to get powerful insights about your next steps
​​The simple truth is that the best businesses are that way by design
and not by default of how much effort you put in.

The best companies evolve from a compelling vision, values and purpose that runs like DNA through every decision, strategy, design, communication and activity. 

Now, more than ever, you need to understand how the pieces fit together 
if you are going to have any success leading your company forwards.

Building Your Business Puzzle Piece By Piece

We will help you design and build the 
 5 KEY ELEMENTS  and get them aligned
and working together in order to multiply their effectiveness.

We will help you develop the 
that are the new minimum standard for success.

We will help you correctly understand and handle all the  LEVERS & DRIVERS  
so that ​you can see the step-by-step pathway to improve performance​,
accelerate growth and get your team working powerfully with you
​to realise your vision and purpose.

​​2. Kickstart your 1 Page Strategy

By the end of this day you will reconnect with your vision and purpose in a powerful new way. You walk away with a  clear sense of direction, renewed energy, greater confidence and the practical next steps that you can implement straight away. 

It's the kind of framework used by tens of thousands of successful companies world wide because it keeps the team focused, avoids guess work and drives faster growth and business improvement worth many times the investment. ​

Who is this for?

It's for startup entrepreneurs who want to avoid being a statistic,
executive leadership teams looking for clarity and alignment,
SME business owners who want faster progress

Whatever stage you are at, you will have an opportunity to strategise solutions to your specific challenges with real business experts who have been there, done it and who understand how to simplify the complex challenges of getting to the next stage.​

What people say

"Chris' ideas challenge our assumptions and break down the barriers
to achieving more, to achieving greater success than we thought capable of.

I would strongly recommend him to any business owner who can't figure out
why they aren't more successful. ​Chris will show you why and how.​"

"Probably the most valuable investment I have made in years"

"Helps you set a roadmap for the future"

"Sound advice without the BS"

"transformational thinking" 

"Helped me question my approach to my business"​​
Satisfaction Guarantee

If, by the lunch break you decide that this is not for you, just ask for for a refund.

To keep the cost low we need to achieve a minimum of 6 people per event.
If we dont achieve this we will ask you to select an alternative date.

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