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 because it's a life long journey
cultivating the mindset, skills, knowledge and behaviours necessary for success

2 Highly Effective Personal Leadership 
and Board Alignment Tools

We have partnered with The Academy for Chief Executives to bring you the kind of confidential, private advisory group that every successful business leader makes a priority.

It's a time to step out of the whirlwind and get encouragement, guidance, strategy and fresh thinking.

The morning is interactive workshop covering all aspects of business and personal leadership. The afternoon is an opportunity to table your live business and personal challenges to draw on the collective wisdom of your peers.

You will also receive a one to one coaching, mentoring and guidance session between meetings to help drive progress.

Together with an annual 2 day retreat, the Academy enables successful business leaders to be intentional about growing themselves and their business.

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​The most valuable thing for a leader is clarity - knowing why how what to focus on next. You dont just need clarity about the business and marketplace context but also about yourself and your people.

Awareness is the starting place for creating a culture of personal leadership in your company. When you do, it will unlock huge potential. It will improve recruitment of talent, team cooperation, the customer experience, business innovation and talent retention.  

​We have strategic partnerships with Harrison Assessments and 
GALLUP Certified Strengths Coaches as two powerful processes for understanding your personal and team dynamics.

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