and online

​ in a crazy V.U.C.A. world 

This powerful new online course will transform the way you see yourself and your business and help you unlock the hidden potential in you and your company step by step.

6 sessions to unlock your momentum

The big question you need to ask is whether you are happy with more of the same or ready to build the kind of momentum that will give you the freedoms and rewards you really want.

We will introduce you to The Law of Business Momentum and how it simplifies all the complexity so you can see the wood for the trees, knowing, with absolute confidence, exactly what matters next and why.

Of the 100 things that matter to building your success, this code will help you know with absolute confidence what you need to focus on next and why.  We will also make sure you understand how to do it well.

A Quick Overview


Understand the V.U.C.A. challenge and why you need to  apply the 4 DYNAMICS of advanced business thinking and leadership to navigate this  tricky landscape.

Discover why working from the inside out is much more powerful than the linear development that most settle for.

Get to grips with the MOMENTUM CODE and how to use it to connect and align the 5 BUILDING BLOCKS of your each we clarify your ambition and map your path to achieve whatever you really believe is possible. 

Discover why people centric thinking is essential to create value that attracts and keeps the best kind of customers and how to apply this to your unique context.

Start to use design thinking to  build consistency into your customer journey and every process that matters to your success

Engineer your true economic model and use it to plan for affordable growth

Learn how to inspire and lead your team to full engagement

Understand why it all starts with you and how you can be purposeful and focused in everything you do​​​

Hugely Practical

More than just is designed to zoom in on your real-world challenges using a framework that has helped more than 100 business leaders to get clarity, alignment and momentum.

Whether your challenge is how to develop yourselfre-invent your companyimprove performance, accelerate growth or get your team fully aligned, engaged and productive....I will show you exactly where to start,
how to think about it and how to achieve it step by step.​​

It's a no-brainer

Clients typically invest between £18,000 and £36,000
for this game-changing guidance.  The step change in their confidence and ability to lead a growing successful company is truly extraordinary.

Admitedly it's much easier face to face but if you have the determination to succeed, this online course  will bring you the best insights and knowhow at a time and a price that should be a no-brainer.

It will help you get your head above the fog
where you will discover things about yourself and your company
that you just hadn't realised before. And there's no reason you should have. But when you do it will set you free to achieve new possibilities - whatever you can imagine, design, build, grow, organise, evolve and lead. 

No more overwhelm from being pulled in 20 different directions, bombarded with promises of supercharged hacks and shortcuts to instant success that just dont work.

You will be able to take control and unlock the momentum you deserve.


The Schedule

The course will take place over 6 Monday evenings with the opportunity to
submit your work (your new creative and strategic thinking)  
for feedback, guidance and support.

If you miss the live session you will be able to catch up with the recording.

This may not be for you....

If you're looking for quick fixes and instant results  and you hope the information alone will change everything, this is not for you. 

If you like to attend seminars and workshops and come away with loads of notes but change nothing because it's easier to stay in your comfort zone, don't waste your time.

If you would like to elevate your leadership capability to a higher plain of business thinking (that is fast becoming the minimum standard for success going forwards), AND you would like to discover new mental models that can unlock your next powerful strategies, AND you appreciate practical guidance and support from
​proven business strategy and leadership experts...

...this is designed with you in mind...let's get moving!

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