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​ A proven way to
 accelerate your business growth
 and leadership development 

 As a business leader you probably wear many hats  and you just know that your company should be able to deliver much more of what you want in your life. And yet everyday demands can stop you from focusing on how to unlock that potential with any kind of momentum.

   At other times it's painfully obvious  that things are not working as well as they need to and you can't quite put your finger on the thing that's going to deliver the breakthrough.

It doesn't have to be that hard.
Get a Part Time Executive Director 
​onto your team

Every successful company is built by a team of highly capable people. At least one of them thinks like an engineer with the know how to connect and align all the pieces of the puzzle. An architect of worlds who can see the wood for the trees and help you focus on the one thing that will make the biggest difference this week, month, year.

Progress is about more than just managing systems and processes. It's also about the energy and engagement of the team, the customers, the suppliers. It's about alignment with the vision, direction and the purpose behind your big idea. It's about all the pieces of your company's unique customer promise and journey - designed to work like together a beautiful swiss clock or your favourite food.

 If it's growth and scalability you want,  it demands systematic and evolutionary change and probably a different way of thinking and doing things to what got you this far.

We've made it simple for you

A part time Director of Business Momentum will give you:

- the challenge and fresh perspective you need around the board room table every month to review progress and evolve the strategy.

- the space to focus on the customer engagement while we take on the load of designing and building the enterprise piece by piece with you fully involved every step of the way.

- a go-to person who knows how to ensure that all the key functions
are aligned and pulling together in the same direction. 

Your part time DBM will focus on  The BIG 5 Strategic Challenges  every successful enterprise must overcome in order to grow and become sustainable.

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Grow teams with the right people and get them fully engaged in the plan
Design, Build
Innovate & Organise the enterprise for consistency and scalability
Create competitive advantage that attracts &
​keeps the right
Improve performance and accelerate ​ progress towards your vision
Develop Advanced
Leadership Thinking, skills and behaviours.
How we work

No's a systematic approach.

​The minimum commitment is 1 day per month to bring the strategic insights and challenge to your boardroom.

The Part Time Exec will help you get clarity about what's really going on, provide solutions for achieving alignment across all 5 building blocks that make up every company including yours.

Beyond that we will agree on strategic initiatives and a roadmap to get the pieces aligned, sharing the responsibility for effective implementation.

Broadly speaking, here's how it works.....
Identify the real needs, priorities, and opportunities using our comprehensive business assessment

​Identify which of the levers and drivers need to be activated to realise your goals. 
 Project oversight and support for more complex initiatives
Introducing our strategic partners  as required
Create a strategic roadmap for boosting performance accelerating growth and getting teams aligned
Agree the achievable and affordable priorities
Agree the level of support required to guarantee success within timeframes
Quick Wins
Rapid breakthrough on straight forward initiatives such as market research, competitor analysis,
business performance 

Price per project
depending on the level of support

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