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What Clients Says

My clients say it a whole lot better than I can
​because they are all starting at a different place with different priorities.

Late last year I started to consider diversifying my business. Naturally, I canvassed opinion from a raft of people. Then I sat down with Chris.

Let me say that much of what Chris said was entirely different to what I had heard before. His thinking is fresh, original and measured. He shows a remarkable insight, in a way that makes you feel he deeply understands.  He challenges, but not in a way that is confrontational or critical. He inspires, in a way that makes you feel confident. You could say he is a "A New Breed of Business Mentor" 

Taking a long term and strategic look at your business is hard enough. When this strategic look includes development entirely outside your sphere of understanding, the difficulty and challenges are increased. Chris minimises this risk and prepares you for the challenge in a way that is careful, clever and digestible. 

If you have need of a strategic review I recommend you ask Chris to help. If you do not have need of a strategic review ask Chris to help show you why you do. He WILL help your business.

Dan Rook,

Leaf Executive - CHASH - The Fine Tea Co.

Chris first started working with us in 2013 when we were in our infancy.
During the past 2 years he has provided us with invaluable guidance and introductions into his network that have helped us build a successful business. Chris not only has vast experience and is willing to share it, but is also a great guy, very easy to get along with. I have very much enjoyed working with him and highly recommend him to others.

  Alexander Hemsley,

Director & Founder at Global {M}  Recruitment

Chris has been my business coach for the past two years, helping me grow Mezzo Labs into the UK's top web analytics agency.

Chris provides exceptionally creative thinking to business problems. His ideas challenge our assumptions and break down the barriers to achieving more, to achieving greater success than we thought capable of. I would strongly recommend him to any business owner who can't figure out why they aren't more successful.
​Chris will tell you why and how.​

Adrian Kingwell, 

Managing Director - Mezzo Labs

Chris was Annapurna's business coach as part of the Growth Accelerator programme. Chris was invaluable in our business planning for 2013 to present. His core strengths are helping business owners to set a roadmap for the future that covers growth, ambitious targets with attention being paid to the barriers to success. He isn't afraid to ask tough questions and is an excellent facilitator with strong business acumen. I'm pleased to say that we followed the plan set by the board and Chris to the letter and have achieved all our goals

  Charlie Appleyard,

Director & Founder at Annapurna Recruitment

 ​I have been working with Chris for the last 8 months. I had always been wary of business coaches as I have a low tolerance for business jargon and not being listened to! Chris is totally different. He has the ability to listen and really quickly understands the culture of your business and where you are trying to head. His advice is forward thinking, encouraging but based on sound financial modelling. He cares, is a great mentor and a nice guy without the jargon. Actually a bit of a miracle worker! I would definitely recommend him.

Amanda Harris,

Director - The Physio Company

I engaged Chris to work with us and am pleased that I did. He has a sound and broad business background and quickly understood the issues facing our business. Perhaps most importantly he was able to put forward practical suggestions and the steps we needed to take. Chris works in a straight-forward way; sound advice, no b*s*. A key outcome was the production of a new website which portrays our business in a more dynamic way and which has had a significant impact on our business.

Neil Kirby,

Executive Coach & Founder of The red Rubber Ball Foundation

 Chris is an amazing Mentor and Business Coach. I have witnessed him in action unlocking transformational thinking across all levels in businesses. He commands respect but is humble, open and appreciative of where individuals, teams and whole businesses are on their journey.

On a personal level, he continues to open up my mind to new possibilities every day. He's a super-connector and amazingly ethical, authentic and committed to building capability and working on TEAM.

If you work with Chris he will champion your personal growth as well as helping you plot the pathway to success for you business. Don't just think about it, do get in touch with him, you won't regret it for a moment.

Nicola Cardillo-Zallo,

HR Strategist - Copper Tree Consulting

 Chris is a fantastic communicator and brilliant at taking an idea from inception to something tangible.
He understands business and has infectious enthusiasm and passion, especially for the tech space. He has helped Global {M} grow into a strategic brand in the tech recruitment space, using data to help us gain competitive advantages as well as grow a high performing team.

Nick Waller,

Director - Global {M} Recruitment

 When I first engaged the services of of Resonate, my brief was simply to generate more business for my firm Astute HR Ltd which specialises in HR and employment law, and was set up in April 2011. 

In order to achieve this, Chris’ strategy meant dissecting the experience a customer has when dealing with firms in my industry. He examined the entire process which included determining the type of business I wanted, determining precisely what my customers’ needs are, ensuring that my website acted as a beacon for those types of customers to find me and having the correct signals on our site that would encourage those customers to pick up the phone or email us in order to buy our services. He also ensured that a correct conversion process was in place to increase the probability of securing the work and retaining them. This essentially therefore involved a top to bottom review of my whole business and included buying signs on our site such as testimonials presented in the right way to ensure credibility of our business, an online video for customers to have a face to the organisation and a feel of who they could be working with and information that was relevant for the purposes of again encouraging customers to make contact with us. 

If you are serious about getting more business and having a successful business, I would have no hesitation in recommending Resonate. Chris will transform your business not only into the type of business that makes money, but also one that creates opportunities for more business with the type of clients you want and want to keep

Tosh Polpitiye,

Director - Astute HR

 I've met hundreds of consultants and mentors, but Chris stands out of the crowd by a long way. He is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. He doesn't just do things well, he does them extraordinarily well and this is a trait he instils in his clients. Don't be average, be amazing! 

He is a new breed of mentor/consultant who is able to leave their ego at the door and challenge and support clients to continually refine their way of doing business and improve themselves as people along the way to business success. 

Chris' presentations are also captivating as he is a great storyteller. I'm privileged to be able to know and recommend him to my clients.

Dominic Beecheno,

Growth Accelerator

 When I first approach Chris, to be honest I was not sure what to expect. I was starting a business for the first time, and realised that whilst I had some ideas and technical know-how, there was a whole process and cycle that I did not understand. The issue was bringing to life what I had in mind. 

My initial conversations with Chris were constructive and focused as we worked out what it is I required, and how he could best deliver it. From the first session, Chris helped me identify something that was absolutely crucial… he helped me express what was actually different about the service I wanted to provide. USP maybe a business buzz word, but for a startup, it is essential you know how you differ from the services around you. Chris provided a deep insight in to my competitor businesses, and helped me focus on what was practical and viable to deliver… and more importantly what was not. 

Our sessions have always followed that theme. Chris has really brought to life the vision I had. He has given it a structure, helping me to create a stable, and sensible, foundation. From practical tips on running sales processes (including how to approach pitches) to what and how I need to manage my day to day objectives, Chris has opened my eyes to what a business needs to succeed, and where the points of failure lay ahead for me specifically. He is very thoughtful in his approach, not reacting to a situation, but methodically picking it apart. In the hectic and sometimes non-stop life of a business owner, he provides a calm and mapped out approach. 

I look forward to continuing my work with Chris, but also have enjoyed his personable and genuine approach. I wish him nothing but the best of success

Zameer Nazarali,

Director - SImplify ER

I worked with Chris and found him to be an excellent mentor.
He is a patient listener and can provide turn key solutions.
I would not hesitate to recommend his services.

Rahul Batra,

Managing Partner - Hudson McKenzie Solicitors

Chris has given us, at Captivate Hospitality better skills to enable us to lead the business and helped to become more productive as a strategic thinker. He tackles each problem within the business with the overall goal in mind, finds solutions and strategies to achieve the overall objectives.​

Gabriella Daroczi

Head of Marketing - Captivate Hospitality

Chris was recommended to me through a friend that was already using his services. I decided to meet a few business coaches before making my decision on the one that would be right for me. In meeting Chris his ability to put himself in my shoes was brilliant. I knew he understood my business and would help me drive it forwards. He’s already implemented strategies from how we answer telephones right through to the website, which has had a complete make-over. All his contributions have improved efficiency of the business. The company is progressing quickly. 

Chris’s get stuck in approach has meant we can focus on what we do best, while bringing in more business. His ideas and forward thinking have been invaluable. 

If you’ve reached a plateau in your business and want it to grow, Chris is your man. A person who generally wants to see you and your business succeed and will go that extra mile to make sure it happens. Chris I can’t thank-you enough.

Emma Rollason,

Director - Diamondesq Productions

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