If you aspire to create a highly successful business long term, where your whole team is actively engaged in helping you achieve momentum with more rewards and less stress - you will need a proven way to develop the highest level of  leadership because it's  absolutely essential for where you want to go.

 is a proven way to help you unlock the 
 true potential in you and your company
​ at the same time. 

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​the 4D BUSINESS MOMENTUM HABITS can transform your company step by powerful step from wherever you find yourself today into the company you really want to create

The reasons aspirational leaders
​work with resonate people

#1. They want momentum 
​not just more of the same or 
​just another 'me too' business

Here's some of the things they say to us
before we get things moving...

“I'm working harder than ever
and not seeing the rewards I really want"

"I want to grow the business but I don't know how to
engineer the pieces to get things moving"

"Business performance is suffering and I can't pinpoint why?"

"I'm struggling to build the right team or get them fully engaged"

“My business consumes all my time and energy
and I want my life back”​

"I'm stuck, stressed, overwhelmed and anxious about the future."

"I've reached a stage where I just need a more systematic approach to developing myself and the company to the next stage."
We have helped more than 100 forward-thinking entrepreneurs and teams achieve breakthrough to the kind of Business Momentum ​that makes business truly rewarding again.  We work with....
Growth Ready 
​Business Owners
#2. Our approach is proven to 
unlock hidden potential, re-energise teams 
​and provide the antidote to unpredictability

You have probably tried those tactical hacks and shortcuts that promise instant success, only to discover that they seldom deliver.  Hunting for that illusive rain-maker is equally disappointing most of the time.

 This is the harsh reality in 80% of small businesses 
 and most are flying blind just reacting to issues 
 rather than systematically driving progress  

It's tragic to see good people working ridiculously hard, adding more and more stuff to their list of must-do activity, trying to manage their way to success with lack-lustre teams, not realising that they are flying blind most of the time with only a 20% chance of achieving their dreams. They get bogged down in the busyness, perhaps believing it's just the way it is. Perhaps trusting that somehow growth and the transformation of their company will eventually click into place by default of all their hard work.
In the meantime, they just need to get those sales.

 Don't let that be you. 
 There's too much at stake and a far better way. 
 Success doesn't just happen. You have to engineer it. 

That requires a systematic approach with imagination, critical analysis, conceptual thinking & creativity, effective communication, organisation & process design for everything from marketing to recruitment and management, strategic growth planning and decision making based on a concrete grasp of the data, cooperation across all functions, an evolutionary roadmap, an innovative and competitive advantage etc - all engineered and aligned to work coherently and produce results.

 It's complex but it doesnt have to be complicated. 

 That's exactly why we created
 the 4D Business Momentum Habits.​ 

 To make it straightforward for anyone 
 to create an amazing company 
 if they really want to. 

Our 4D step by step approach has been ten years in the making and it works with any business whatever stage you find yourself.  

Whether you are stuck or aspire to greatness, g et the dominos in the right order and it becomes a whole lot easier.

It's like riding in the slip stream. It takes 30% less energy which gives you the resources to push through on those breakthroughs that most never manage to achieve. 

When your team can also see how it works and why it makes sense, then you're on the road to becoming unstoppable. 
#3. Our people are transformative 
like the secret ingredient in your
favourite food

As with any toolkit, it works best in the right hands

In all probability, you wear a lot of hats in your business but you aren't necessarily wired or equipped for all of the different challenges that require mastery to achieve breakthrough and momentum. 

None of us have everything we need for where we want to go. 

We are all building the plane as we go.

And there's a lot to think about and a lot at stake.  

That can make it hard to get excited about the level of detail required. It can also be daunting to know where to start or leave you feeling quite anxious when thing's aren't working.

Just sticking to what you know and are good at, hoping the rest will somehow click into place, is a recipe for getting stuck...
not a strategy for achieving momentum.

Don't do it. 

If you truly want to build a great company that is able to give you the rewards you deserve, you need people around you who can help you see the wood for the trees. People who can help you understand the complex dynamics in play and how to make sound decisions. People who can help you stretch and grow yourself so you can grow your business. People who know how to architect your company piece by piece because they have been there and done it, made loads of mistakes and discovered what truly makes the difference.

 Our people are the catalyst who will help you 
 unlock the power of the momentum habits.

They bring a proven step by step toolkit plus a unique blend of coach, mentor and part-time exec-level director  capabilities right into the heart of your decision making process to help you accelerate progress.

 As coach  
....they will help you get clarity about what you really want, what you believe is possible. You will gain powerful insight on the business and personal challenges that are holding you back that you may not even be aware of.   You will learn how to  make powerful decisions that move your dream forwards into reality step by step. 

 As mentor / guide  
....they will guide you to focus your precious time and energy on the things that matter and are proven to unlock the greatest potential in you and your business. They will show you how to  develop your leader superpowers and get your whole team working with you rather than just for you. 

 As a part time exec director / architect  
....they will work alongside you to imagine, design, plan, build, grow, organise and evolve the company step by step, piece by piece taking personal responsibility for engineering the pieces of the company.

Why it works

This integrated approach is the most effective way to develop you and your business, including your team. You can't have one without the other for where you want to go and it all starts with you.

Most people are conditioned to focus on the DOing
believing that it's the DOing that matters.

"Just tell me what to DO and tell me how to get my staff to do more."
is the over-confident blindspot that lets so many people down. 

Of course the DOing matters but so does the design and the strategy and the people and the context. It all matters.

The simple truth is that every piece of research into what makes some more successful than most, can be summarised as BE x DO = HAVE.

Here's what that means..... 

 The quality of leader you choose to BE
 is what truly makes the greatest difference
 between momentum and more of the same. 

Your chosen standard of leadership has nothing to do with your intellect and everything to do with your commitment to BE the person who chooses to develop the habits and quality of thinking that is essential to create the kind of company that can give you the level of success you truly desire.

That's why you need a guide and not just information.

So...what do you really want?

Momentum or more of the same? ​​ It's your choice.
I want Momentum

What you can expect if you go for it

Your situation will be unique but your challenges will be common. And if you aspire to achieve momentum rather than just more of the same, then here's the kinds of breakthrough we can help you with.

Clarity &

A Fully Engaged ​
​& Productive Team

Performance Improvement


For those who need more detail...
...a small insight to the Einstein of all
Leadership & Business Accelerators

​ The 4D momentum habits can be understood as a way to BE more effective when it comes to the 4 dynamics that are always in play - your MISSION, your MINDSET, your MODEL and your METHODOLOGY.

It  is profoundly different to any other strategic business and leadership support out there. ​​​

It has been developed to address 90% of the most important business leadership challenges you will ever need to master. ​​

Don't get confused with those cut and paste management skills
programmes that tinker around the edges of your methodology by downloading lots of information and skills but, in the end, leave you
with very little transformation.

The Business Momentum Habits gets to the heart of what needs to evolve to help you and your team move forwards together, building a world-class company piece by piece.

Here's how that real transformation takes place

​1. Say "hello" to the Law of Business Momentum

​We will introduce you to The Law of Business Momentum and how it simplifies all the complexity so you can see the wood for the trees, knowing, with absolute confidence, exactly what matters next and why. 

Understanding and internalising this law has the potential to rapidly advance the quality of your thinking, mindset and decision making capability to a level that quickly and effectly addresses the 4 dynamics that are always in play but have largely been ignored in the binary industrial paradigm we all grew up in.

Make no mistake....activating your 4D thinking and decision making is absolutely essential if you don't want to get left behind.

2. Upgrade your mindset and thinking skills
to address the 4D challenges that are in play


​The great Albert puts it like this....

You see, progress is is not about more of the same it's about evolution of the whole thing including the piece that is you.

The momentum habits tackles (head on) the complex 4D mental challenges
that keep 80% from progressing to where they really want to be.

When all is said and done, it's the quality of your thinking that determines absolutely everything else you want to achieve.

There's no getting away from it. The V.U.C.A. world we are now navigating demands a higher quality of thinking, creativity and leadership.

Just accept it and choose to stretch your mind.

3. Simplify your Business Mental Model 
and get real clarity about the one thing that will 
make the biggest diference today

You will discover a better way to understand your business, how everything is connected and how true entrepreneurship is simply a series of 4D creative and strategic challenges you must address.

Through this unique and powerfully simple mental map you will discover a profound new clarity about the 5 building blocks of your business, how they are all connected, why they all matter and what happens when they are not all aligned with your vision and purpose.

With our detailed diagnostic of the 32 most important pieces of your puzzle, You will begin to see more clearly what's really going on, what's holding you back and in which order to make changes.​​

​These mental maps together with other powerful visual tools, in depth data analysis will help you formulate a credible strategic plan to reconnect and align all 5 building blocks of your company piece by piece (including the people) to establish a strong foundation for scalable and exciting growth.

More importantly we will support you to do that in the right order and the best way possible to generate momentum. ​​

 The confidence that comes with knowing exactly where to focus your precious time and effort and resources is priceless.

​4. Discover your real mission
​and start working from the inside out  
​with a systematic method that builds momentum

Learn the power of working from the inside out, starting with you and what you really want and what you believe is possible. This is almost as important as the quality of thinking. This is where the energy comes from.

Even if you doubt whether you have this kind of passion within you to see yourself as a creator, ​you will quickly discover a new hope and excitement when we help you rediscover that curiosity of the 5 year old you.

Building on that, we will guide and support you to evolve and build your best possible enterprise, piece by piece, from whatever stage you are at today. ​

Our proven breakthrough initiatives and tools will inspire a fresh sence of identity and purpose in your work and help position your company brand and culture as a difference maker in your market. You will find a new energy to make that idea come to life with all it's massive potential for good.

We will do this in a way that positions you as a confident and influential leader to unlock a higher level of engagement from your team that you would never have believed possible.

With your team fully on board, working with you rather than for you,
you will become unstoppable

​In Summary

You are here to create something remarkable and we invite you to step up to that challenges with the very best of who you already are. 

 For that most fulfilling of missions, you will need more clarity
so you can create more alignment
 across the 5 building blocks of your business which are really one inter-connected thing - like the ingredients in your favourite dish or the wonderful harmonies in a great piece of music.

And to make that work you need to understand and think differently
​about the 4 dynamics that are always in play.

Your company is

Your success is

It all starts
with YOU 

The real power of your enterprise is uniquely shaped by your PERSONAL vision, purpose, values and your willingness to develop a higher quality / 4D level of thinking capabilities and mindset and 

You need a systematic  PROCESS for imagining, designing, planning, building, growing, organising, evolving and leading a company that is good enough to produce the results you really want.

Creating your world-class scalable company with momentum is like building a PUZZLE where every piece matters and so does the order that you put them together.​ Ignore, mishandle or misunderstand them and it won't work properly.

If you're wondering whether you really could get momentum in your business...

...know that we created this toolkit to help YOU be remarkable.

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Is this right for you?

If you just wanted one of those old-school consultants
who can cut and paste what they did somewhere else
we're not right for you.

If you want to be stretched in your leadership capabilities and you're excited to create something remarkable and personally fulfilling, this is for you.

​If you're able to be open and honest about what's really going on, what is in place and and what needs to be worked on, this is for you.

If you can commit to being intentional, strategic and
​transformational, ​then this is for you​​.

​Let's get some momentum.