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  Would I be right in thinking that  the reason you started your business
to achieve the kind of success that leads to financial freedom,
personal fulfilment and the quality of life you really want?

I'm going to share with you what we believe it takes to make that happen
in this fast changing world where the 'me-too' business blueprints
and quick-fix hacks are no longer good enough.

The winning combination is not a secret

It has always been...

>  an outward looking mindset, vision & value generating purpose

> product capability & innovative / distinctive brand consistency
that attracts and keeps your ideal customers

> a profitable business model with data driven insights  
that underpin a credible strategic gameplan

> focused action with leadership & management skills
that facilitate an engaged team and a winning culture

> designing and operating an effective and integrated organisation

(to name just a handful of the biggies) 

​None of these ideas are complex to understand.
they are just a challenge to get aligned. 

​Alignment of all these elements is what produces the accelerator effect.

All too often business owners can find themselves holding a bucket of disconnected stuff
​rather than steering a solid little boat
 that's heading somewhere they want to go.

​The good news is that success is a choice

Some are convinced that you have to be specially gifted to make this work
while the rest of us just have to do the best we can to survive.

Others seem ok with the idea that success happens to you 
if you work hard enough and you can handle whatever comes up.

We  subscribe to the idea (based on mountains of evidence)
that success starts with a choice that we all make
(knowingly or unknowingly). 

It's not based on what we already have or what we can get
but on who we choose to be

We can choose to rely on what we think we know or we can be be curious.
Not in that intellectual / binary way (will it / wont it work?) but in a way that
seeks to understand how and why different elements connect and co-operate.

We can choose to copy what everyone else is doing believing there is a formula
(despite the fact that 80% won't make it) or we can be distinctively,
creatively, authentically customer value generating people.

We can choose the meandering path of least resistance adding bits here and there
or we can be intentional about imagining, designing, planning, building,
organising, evolving and leading our little boat to where we want to go

It's a process!!!

This will only be achieved by people who understand the connection
between personal & business development and who have a vision to create & evolve
rather than by people who just want to collect quick-fix secrets for more of the same.

That might seem like stating the obvious (and a bit harsh) 
but you only have to look at the 20% probability of success
to realise that the obvious is not that obvious
and it's time for a better way.​

That's why we are catalysts and facilitators of business & personal success.

It's a holistic approach without the shortcuts...BS...and jargon. 

Just advanced business thinking and proven ways
to get alignment that accelerates your success - step by step

We show up as a combination of teacher, personal coach,
business adviser with a hands-on approach and proven track record

for supporting business and personal breakthrough.

Say good bye to guess work!!!

Our insights and tools will help you see your next steps
with a real clarity that 
you can get a hold of.

It will give you the confidence to make the right changes
in the right order and the right way.

We will help you understand and simplify the complexity 
so you can take decisive action that builds momentum.

How we developed our approach 

We tried the clever quick-fix hacks and supercharged shortcuts 
to get more sales - while ignoring everything else. It wasn't enough.

Those decisions came from what we now call level 1 thinking.

We remembered that everything is connected and the need for a strategic
integrated approach if we were going to be serious about growth.

It's level 2 thinking but it's still not enough.

It soon became obvious that the industrial mindset that produced
the 'me too' approach  - was being left behind by the emergence
of a new creativity and desire for authenticity
enabled by powerful new technologies.

The true entrepreneur mindset (not the stupid job title)
that was once deemed to be the special giftedness of great business leaders
was fast becoming the entry level requirement 
in this brave and exciting new world
for anyone who genuinely wants to build a successful company.

Without this level 3 thinking it's all just trial and error.

It' was time for  3Dimension thinking

​So we questioned, re-examined, listened, learned, challenged, re-imagined, 
re-designed and re-developed our ideas and k
now-how for the new world.

We refused to just settle for more of the same. 

We upgraded our internal programmimg (our MENTAL MAP)
about how business is supposed to work

We created powerful visual frameworks (our STRATEGIC MAP)
that helped us understand what's really going on and how everything connects...
so that in any situation we can 
see really clearly what's missing or misaligned.

​​We simplified the principles of this new approach
and applied it to all the areas that matter so that you can stop dabbling
​in marketing, sales and team productivity hacks that fail to deliver their promise.

We put our new instinct to the test with selective clients ​
​and it worked for them too.

Now we are ready to share  it with you
In short...we've been there...we've made mistakes...we get it...we love it.

Not because we think its clever...but because it matters.

More than 50% of households in the UK depend on the success of SME business
for their livelihood. Put it this way...if our schools only had a 20% success rate 
something would be done about it.

On our bravest days we believe this has massive potential
on the ridiculous fact that 8/10 startups never survive
and only 1% reach their dream.

But here's the catch

We can only partner with forward-thinking business owners,
executives and teams who are ready to rise above being average. 

People who are ready to develop people-centric, purpose-driven
and entrepreneurial leadership while tackling their real-world business challenges.

People who are ready to systematically invest in their own dreams

If you aspire to more than just more of the same
we are confident that we can help you get there...faster

We dont presume anything about your company or the stage you are at.

Your situation is unique, but the challenges you face are common
to everyone brave enough to start and grow and evolve a business.​​

We alsoknow that intentional growth best starts from a place of
seeing clearly what's going on inside and outside the company.

That requires objectivity and challenge and know-how to help you
escape your comfort zone and push ahead to the next stage.

We have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs
in companies at all stages of evolution

Our structured approach will work for you IF you are ready ​to discover
​the irrifutable truths and principles that underpin business success


Is this right for you?

Resonate 3D-thinkingTM explained

Most business owners want ​more or less the same things.

"Just tell me what to DO to GET more of what I want (please)." 

This is Level 1 thinking that is focused on the functional
dynamic and seeks quick-fix, intellectual, informational,
incremental improvements to make what we already
DO work better.  It's often about binary decisions
and linear progress.  ​
It's just not enough!

Many fail to see that everything on this wishlist
is a result - and to get 
better results you have to
work ON improving and integrating 
the enterprise
​that ​produces those results.

And that's probably the one thing that most of us
were never taught how to
think about...not in any
systemic way.  We struggle to see how things connect.

Now...of course we can show you how to imagine better products, 
create better marketing communications & systems, design better sales processes, attract and keep better customers, build better management tools & processesbuild a better team & culture, engineer a better organisation, and so on.

The real challenge is that all of these things are interconnected and co-dependent.

This's where
Level 2 thinking takes care of the strategic dynamic to magnify the effectiveness of what you do. It's creative, innovative and problem solving. It looks like design, organisation, systems & processes and it's curious about HOW things work together. But it's also not enough. There's one more level.

Level 3 thinking is the human dynamic that connects your business to the real you
and makes it alive with a direction and a purpose that inspires you and others.

It's possibly the hardest thinking of all 
(more like soul searching than thinking)
because it includes developing a vision and values and an authentic sense of purpose beyond yourself. That doesn't emerge very easily because it's not an intellectual answer to a logical question.

That partly explains why most people stay stuck in the comfort zone of level 1 where DOing and being busy feels like it should lead to success because it always did growing up.

Without even realising it, they are just tinkering around the edges on a path of least resistance (harsh but true) hoping that if they work hard enough or try enough things they will eventually bump into the one thing that will unlock their full potential.

Unfortunately the likelihood of that happening is somewhere between 1% and 20%.

What's missing is the realisation that the one thing they are looking for is themselves.
More sales & profits
More loyal customers
More reliable cashflow
More cooperative team
​More continuous Growth
Less stress & overwhelm​ 
More freedom for life
More rewarding exit

It's time to break free from the crowd!

The biggest difference between those who succeed and those who struggle
has little to do with capability or circumstance and everything to do with choice.

Most settle for the path of least resistance relying on level 1 thinking

Choose the path of intentional transformation understanding that it starts with you
internalising the simple equation for success ​in all the important areas of your life:


​If it's true that y
ou can only take your business as far as you are prepared to challenge and grow yourself....

...are you ready to look at your business through the lens of 3D joined-up-thinking
and 6 other powerful insights that will probably alter your 
MENTAL MAP and re-define your STRATEGIC MAP so that everything is aligned?

We are ready help you imagine, design, plan, build, organise, grow, evolve and lead your company from the place of a more  engaging and personal vision and a more energising purpose.

It's more straight forward than you might think ​ and a whole lot more rewarding

Well done for getting this far. 

It's time to get yourself a catalyst 

Let's get going

   Chris Harding  -  Founder of Resonate

​​ Whatever stage you are at...

Whatever stage of evolution best describes you and your business...

EAGER STARTUP who wants to avoid the pitfalls

FRUSTRATED BUSINESS OWNER who needs a better way forward

ASPIRING ENTREPRENEUR hungry to accelerate growth and learning 

We would love to help you realise your dreams

our PERSPECTIVE will challenge your outlook, reignite your entrepreneur spirit and set you up to rise above the crowd

will help you see exactly where your challenges are
across the 5 critical areas of your company, how they are connected,
what to focus on 1st 2nd 3rd, how to overcome them and why they matter.
No more guess-work!

to leadership, marketing, sales, team alignment, financial modelling, customer engagement, growth planning etc will help you
build a solid foundation for growth and unstoppable momentum

...this  is the game changer you have been looking for

​​because it has the power to transform your company & future from the inside out.

If you're ready to explore that for yourself...here's what you need to do...

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Your first mission, should you choose to accept it
to rise above the norm and become unstoppable in a single day...

...by learning and internalising the 7 powerful insights that are proven to 

accelerate growth, align teams, and transform any company from the inside out.

We will help you unlock your deepest potential.

You will fall in love with your company all over again
as you walk away with a clear sense of direction and the practical next steps
to strengthen what you already have so you are empowered to go wherever you want.

The time is now 

This is an immersive experience (not an intellectual seminar)
that is the key to everything else we can help you with. 

It's a great way to explore whether you want resonate people on your team

It comes with a money back guarantee if it's not for you

​There are only 10 places at a time
so you can come with your real world challenges
and leave with real world solutions


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