It's time...
Calling all forward-thinking entrepreneurs,
business owners and executives to discover 
a way of thinking that will transform your
business growth strategy and make you 
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 Are you ready to discover powerful
insights and strategies 
for entrepreneurial success that most business owners will never know?

You probably started your business
expecting to achieve the kind of success that leads to 
financial freedom, personal fulfilment and a better quality of life.

You probably also discovered that creating, building, growing, evolving
and leading a company is one of the biggest challenges of your life
and that little from the world of work equips you to succeed.

The statistics are really quite alarming:

 - 8/10 never get beyond year 5
 - only 1% ever achieve progress to millionaire levels
 - many are working harder going nowhere very exciting 

This is tough to fathom because we are alive at a time when
we are more educated than ever before. We have instant access
to all the information we need.
Technology is cheaper than ever.  
Talent is easy to discover and customer engagement is now pretty simple.

So what is getting in the way of profound progress?
Because we all have the potential to create remarkable success.

 The answer is simple enough 
​but not what you might expect.

The first defining difference 
between those who thrive and those who struggle,
has little to do with intellect or circumstance and everything to do with mindset. 

MINDSET = "an established set of beliefs, attitudes and paradigms
that determine our understanding and response to situations."

Our mindset shapes everything we do or don't do and the way we do it.

Those who achieve more start with a more advanced mindset.

Let's come back to that in a moment because...

The second defining difference
is that the most successful people KNOW that 
every business
is just an idea that is made real and brought to life. 

​It's made up of many parts that all matter like vision, value, purpose, 
products & services, marketing & sales systems, teams, processes etc.

The work of the entrepreneur is to ALIGN all of these elements
so that they work together 
to BUILD the kind of company
that can take you where you want to go.

The route to life-changing success 
is based on this simple logic...

                                                                               STRATEGIC                        PROGRESS
                                                  PERSONAL                   ALIGNMENT builds...   
CLARITY creates...      
​            MINDSET
leads to... 

​Take a moment to think about what the opposite of these look and feel like.

Now consider that most of us were conditioned with a mindset
focused on developing an operational outlook so we could get paid for doing work.

Most of us were programmed with the level 1 mindset of DO = GET
and with a fixed belief that  'I am what I am'.

A more advanced way of understanding all your important relationships in life, 
including the one you have with your business, is ME X DO = HAVE

We get to choose how we show up in life and business 
and that is what determines our ultimate success.

If you want to unlock your full potential you have keep working on yourself.

Expanding your horizons.
Stretching out of your comfort zones.
Challenging your assumptions.

Always developing your mental map.

That is the irrefutable truth discovered by all the great thinkers 
and if we just knew how to internalise it, we would be 10X
more likely to succeed than if we just intellectualise it.

The most successful people choose to adopt a more ADVANCED MINDSET 
so they see things more clearly to make better decisions 
and build extraordinary entrepreneurial success 
starting with themselves.  

The good news is that I can show you how to adopt that better MENTAL MAP
that will deepen your understanding about what's really going on
and elevate your thinking about what's really possible. 

It takes just one day and it is so simple
you will wish you had understood it years ago.

Get CLARITY about how everything is connected
to then draw a more coherent STRATEGIC MAP for your business.

Understand the systemic order to achieving ALIGNMENT of all the vital elements 
that make up every business. Find out why ignoring, mishandling or giving them
less than your best means you are settling for less than you deserve.

This approach is not for people who just want quick fix hacks and shortcuts
without any need for intentional personal development. 

It is for anyone who wants be empowered to imagine, design, build, grow evolve ​
and lead a business community that is extra-ordinary.

It's for 
you if you want to BE ​in control of your own future 
and you want to 
make more PROGRESS in the next 12 months 
than you ever thought possible.

It's time...

It's not easy but it's absolutely worth it. reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro at 19,341 ft - Jan 2016
What you can expect
30%+ Boost
to your profits

within ​3-6 months
See Accelerated
​Business Growth
starting month 6
Get your Team
working together
by month 9
A quick Overview

follow a straightforward 5 step logic


​a MENTAL MAP that makes everything simpler

​and a STRATEGIC MAP that sets the direction
For best results

This 1/2 Day Business Review uses the dot-connecting
and eye-opening 


​to help you assess the alignment of the 5 Building Blocks  
that make up yours and
every other business.

You will see instantly where the gaps are and what you need to focus on next - mapping out
​a  rolling 90day business improvement game-plan
​that makes sense and

builds momentum.

​A full Day workshop
that will open your eyes to see your company and your future in a completely new way.

​Discover what makes the biggest difference between those who thrive & grow vs those who struggle to see their way forward and just settle for more of the same.

It will illuminate some of your blind spots, challenge some long held conditioning and give you
​2 powerful frameworks for moving forward - faster in the next 12 months than you ever have  before.

​More importantly, it will introduce you to 


​and why it ​is the new
minimum standard of thinking
if you really want to build a thriving company in the
​21st Century.

This is a group workshop

A fresh pair of eyes looking at the internal performance data
​and your competitor landscape and opportunities using online data

with ​initiatives that start to get
all 5 building blocks of your business aligned

Time to review this DNA behind your customer promise, brand experience, team culture and everything that makes your company distinctive.

Every part of a great business
is designed and needs to be regularly evaluated and
​re-worked. This includes:

Customer Journey / Brand Experience

Marketing Communications

Sales Process

Talent Recruitment Strategy

Organisation with clear roles
​& responsibilities

The vital
​business controls and management meetings


Defining & designing your customer value promise based on authentic brand values is critical for success.
Where specialist expertise is required for implementation, I can be an advisor working alongside your experts or we can work with my carefully selected team who are already aligned with the resonate way of thinking.

​based on real data rather than guess work

Mapping exactly how your business works and makes money is about more than just counting sales. 

​Every business is constrained by cash and many are also constrained by capacity.

Modelling the best possible result informs credible growth planning based on real data

Build a credible plan based on real data so that you can confidently commit to investing in high impact improvements.

It comes in two parts:

The 3 year strategic development roadmap based on your real-world business model best opportunities and your actual performance data.

It's a great exec team process that produces a joined-up evolutionary map that takes into account the relationship between sales, customers, team, systems, marketing, processes etc


The rolling 90day
business improvement
action plan on a single page.


Helping you create the pitch and the business case for growth funding / investment.

You typically only get one shot so you need to get it right first time. Together with my specialist financiers
we can help you.

with everybody pulling in the same direction

Get the team on the same page and see the benefits of increased engagement, productivity, creativity, innovation, faster progress.

We use a visual map of your customer experience to failitate the creative conversation that unlocks instant improvements .

through Personal Coaching / Mentoring 
​& Strategic Business Advice

I try not to get hung up on words like teacher, mentor, coach, consultant, strategic advisor etc. 

My support will help you challenge your assumptions, 
expose your blind spots, overcome your limiting beliefs, 
make fewer mistakes, accelerate your progress
and apply the truths and principles that underpin success.

I will help you connect the dots between purpose, vision, strategic planning, process design, control, sales & marketing etc

Most importantly I will help you make sure you don't get ahead
​at the expense of your personal fulfilment and relationships.

Are you ready
​to become unstoppable?

​​ Whatever stage you are at...

who wants to avoid the pitfalls

who needs a better way forward

hungry to accelerate growth and learning

​with a complex set of challenges to overcome

...this  is the game changer you have been looking for

​​because it has the power to transform your company & future from the inside out.

If you're ready to explore that for's what you need to do next.

Create some headspace!


All you need to do today is decide whether you are ready 
to learn how to become unstoppable with your business.

This one day event is an immersive experience
that is the key to everything else I can help you with. 

It will open your eyes to see your company and your future in a completely new way.

I'm going to share with you what makes the biggest difference
between those who thrive and grow vs those who struggle to see their way forward
​and just settle for more of the same

It comes with a  MONEY BACK GUARANTEE  if it's not for you

​There are only 10 places at a time
so that you can come with your real world challenges
and leave with real world solutions that make a difference straight away


​if this is right for you

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